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CBD Diaries: Rigidity

My mom was diagnosed with CBD. She has been in a wheelchair for over 6 months. She can't use her right hand at all and the left one is impacted too. She can hold some things if you put them in her hand and she can get food to her mouth if you move her hand in that direction. On her own, she keeps stabbing for her mouth in the general area but misses. I am writing to ask what others have done to help when the person with CBD becomes rigid. My mom now can't turn her head. Her body leans in a specific way. When we put her in bed, her knees stay in the same bent position as when she sits in her chair. We gently and slowly try to move her legs apart so that the staff can clean her. This is becoming more difficult. Her doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and that seems to have helped a bit. Moving her from her chair to the bed or another chair is now painful for her. Her shoulders are rigid and touching her to lift her is painful. I've heard of using Botox but we'd have to give her shots all over her body. Are there any other ideas? It is difficult now to put her feet in the feet rests of the wheelchair. Moving them is like pushing against an iceberg. Have others experienced this? It seems to be getting worse over the last few weeks.


I too, have experienced many of the same issues you mentioned with my wife.
Regarding the rigidity, J has this in both arms and legs, She can stand
with my help and take a few futile steps. This is the limit of her mobility.

In the house I wheel her around backwards in the W/C and works very well.
The feet don't get caught on rugs etc. The only time I use the foot supports
is when we take strolls around the local wooded park trails on nice days.
Sometimes I have to reposition her feet, as the involuntarily move off the

When reclining, whether it be a recliner or the bed, I gently massage her
legs into a rested position when I put her to bed. As her hands tend to want
to close tightly, I gently massage her left hand (most often offender) open
and place either a cloth or a rubber ball, as suggested by her previous
Pilate instructor. This prevents the biting of her shortened nails into her

 As I've not been advised of any muscle "relaxers", I use a massaging
technique as advised through the various techniques by her close friend and
acupuncturist. If you think the "relaxer" is working, investigate increasing
the dosage, but also, investigate it's side affects, too. Fortunately for
us, one of my daughters is a consultant pharmacist to nursing homes and have
learned, early on, the side affects can be more severe than the cure, as
they say.

 Here's hoping you and your mom more quality time.

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